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Courses of European Lab Summer School will cover seven general areas, understanding of which will provide holistic picture of contemporary Europe. Each of these general areas is briefly introduced below.

Economics and European Economies

In this area, students will have opportunity to learn about Eurozone, Euro as a common currency of EU, Greek debt crisis, economic reforms and general state of European economies. This course is also focused on the trade between China and the EU, on its problems and perspectives.

Number of lessons: 6

European Law

Courses focused on contemporary European law will deal with diverse topics including what laws presently govern the EU financial markets, sport or environment protection.

Number of lessons: 7

Societies and Internal Politics of European Countries

Domestic politics of number of European countries was far from calm and stable. This block will be dedicated to exploring what are present societal issues and cleavages in European countries and what are political issues stemming from these or causing them and whether Europeans really do have a say in politics.

Number of lessons: 4

European-Chinese Relations

What were and are interactions between Europe as such or European countries and China? This is the key question, that will lectures covering this area try to answer for participants. Among specific topics are relations between EU and China or Czech-Chinese relations since 1989.

Number of lessons: 6

European History and Culture

Long and rich history and culture of Europe is far from being mere curiosity to be studied out of whim. On the contrary, comprehension of culture and history often constitutes key to understanding and tackling some of the most puzzling and at the same time severe present challenges. This group of lectures will provide the participants with this crucial knowledge.

Number of lessons: 8

European Security

Block of courses focused on European security will cover diverse present security challenges facing the European Countries and their responses to those. Particular topics will include system for providing security in the Czech Republic and participation of its citizens in it, question of nuclear disarmament or hotly debated issue of hybrid warfare.

Number of lessons: 4

European Union

European Union remains to this day very much a unique phenomenon in the world. Lectures dedicated to understanding it will provide students with understanding through what process it came into being, what institutions it consists of, how does it operate and what are present challenges that threaten to undermine it.

Number of lessons: 9

List of courses and lectures is forthcoming. If you want to participate or have any question regarding the programme or whether some issues are going to be covered, feel free to contact us through an email info@europeanlab.cz and we will provide you with an answer.

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