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Courses of European Lab Summer School will cover these study areas, understanding of which will provide holistic picture of the contemporary Europe:

► Czech history in European context

Comprehensive lectures Czech history (from middle ages to 21 st Century)

► Contemporary political, social, economic development

Contemporary development of Czech society in the framework of EU membership

► Security challenges for Europe

Courses on main security challenges to European security and opportunities for cooperation with China in security issues

► Czech/European-Chinese Relations

Lectures covering political and economic relations and interactions between Czechia/ EU and China incl. Belt and Road initiative

► Doing Business in Czechia and Europe

Courses on contemporary Perspectives of Czech – Chinese economic cooperation, and Business Development of 16+1 and Belt and Road Initiative. Intercultural management and relevant specific areas is covered.

► Study in Czechia – at the Charles University

Offer of study at the Charles University

List of courses and lectures is forthcoming. If you want to participate or have any question regarding the programme or whether some issues are going to be covered, feel free to contact us through email info@europeanlab.cz and we will provide you with an answer.

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