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About us

The Czech-Chinese Centre is an education and research institute that focuses on political, economic, legal, social, territorial, cultural, security and media studies benefiting from the cooperation between the Czech Republic and the People's Republic of China.

Centre Activities

The centre promotes, coordinates and controls the execution of the tasks in the following areas:

a) ensuring research on political, economic, legal and social development and security policy of China,

b) dissemination of knowledge about political, historical-cultural, economic, legal and social facts of China through cooperation with Chinese partners and research centers,

c) establishment of research consortia with partners in China and the European Union for the purpose of making grants, projects and conferences on topics of mutual interest with emphasis on Czech - Chinese political, economic, legal and scientific cooperation, including the publication of research output at international level,

d) facilitating a better understanding of the Czech Republic to the Chinese partners from academic, government and economic institutions,

e) acquisition of Chinese students to study at Charles University in Prague, including visiting doctoral students, and organizing summer schools,

f) facilitating study trips to China for students and academics from Charles University in Prague and government scholars,

g) creating an expert base in the field of cooperation with China for national authorities,

h) cooperation with institutions within the European Union which engage in the issues and studies of China,

i) mutual cooperation with Chinese universities, especially with Peking University, Soochow University, Renmin University and China University of Political Science and Law, as well as with other academic research institutes in China

j) cooperation within the format "16 + 1", ie. the sixteen Central and Eastern European countries and China.

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Univerzita Karlova

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Česká republika

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