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Events & Extracurricular activities


Prague tour

In two days, we will explore the beautiful historical parts of Prague filled with medieval buildings, castles and bridges. We will visit Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Vyšehrad cemetery, Old town square with astronomical clocks, Petřín hill with little Eiffel tower and see the most beautiful places of Prague from paddle boats on Vltava river, buildings and parks of the parliament and we will also visit historical places at night.


Karlštejn Castle

A daylong train trip to Karlštejn will provide students with unique experience of medieval atmosphere of famous castle build by Charles IV. in 14th century, altogether with tour to mysterious caves of Koněprusy.


Orlík Dam and Zvíkov Castle

A day long boat trip to Orlík Palace and Zvíkov Castle will give students an opportunity to taste the way of life at medieval castle and to enjoy a beautiful nature and lakes of Southern Bohemia.


Kutná hora

A day long trip to Kutná Hora will include a tour to medieval silver mines, beautiful cathedral and famous bone church.


Other events

Křižíkova fontána

An evening visit to Prague’s park Stromovka will bring a beautiful masterpieces of classical music together with light show of Křižík’s Fontain created in 19th century.


Tour to the modern electricity transmission facilities will give students an opportunity to learn more about European critical infrastructure and energy security.

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